Tobitatsu Mariko
First Appearence
Anime Unknown
Kanji 飛竜 マリコ
Rōmaji Tobitatsu Mariko
Gender female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Misa Kobayashi
English Unknown

Tobitatsu Mariko in the opening

Tobitatsu Mariko (飛竜 マリコ) is the mother of Haneru and wife of Tetsuo. Their family runs a crips shop.

Appearance Edit

Mariko has long brown hair, tied into a low tail with a small bang dangles from her forehead. She has gold eyes and really long eyelashes. She usually wears pink lipstick.

She wears a yellow and orange stripe t-shirt, white pants and gray shoes.

Personality Edit

She is kind and understanding, sometimes strict when it comes to Haneru's studies and can be sassy at times. But generally she is a good mother and is supporting towards Haneru's dancing

Appearance in the anime Edit

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