First Appearence
Anime episode 26
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Saburo
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
Saburo 3
Saburo 4

Saburo asking Mitchi out

Saburo 5

saburo waiting for the flower to bloom

Saburo 6

Mizuki and Mitchi

The man who won't budge an inch from that withered cherry tree. Also known as the Cherry Blossom Hermit.

Appearance Edit

He's bald with one tied up bun of hair in the middle of his head, he has long white beard and really thick eyebrowns.

He wears a long light yellow samue coat outside a darker yellow shirt inside and yellow pants. He always carry a wooden stick.

History Edit

Unlike Emnem and Naotaro, Saburo didn't budge an inch even after seeing Kanon and Haneru's dance. Yuzuru said that it's because there's a reason why he won't budge from the tree- it's a sad love story. Since he was in school, he asked a girl out and she said that "if flowers ever bloom on this withered cherry tree then i wouldn't mind dating you. Saburo took it seriously and ever since then he has been waiting for flowers to bloom on that dead tree. He was shot down, basically but Haneru really wanted to make the flowers bloom on that withered tree using the team's dance. Using the new Stagger-step Haneru just learnt, the team suprisingly was able to make the flower blooms on the dead tree, bringing the Chery Blossom Hermit to his feet. He came to Haneru and said that their dance made the flower blooms not only on the withered tree but also in his old heart.

Suprisingly, the girl he had a crush on years ago-Mitchi, look a lot like Mizuki. He ended up dancing with Mizuki and veiwing cherry blossom with the rest of the team.