First Appearence
Anime episode 45
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Nelson
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team Unknown
Style Unknown
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Nelson is the one take care of Tribe Cool Crew and Blossom Bullets while they stay at Bright Island.

Appearance Edit

Nelson has blue undercut hair, the upper part combed into two equel parts and curled up a little at the end of each parts. He's tan and has yellow eyes, visible eyelases.

He wears a blue blouse, long sleeved on the right and short on the left, long and rounded on the two sideof the shirt, knee-length gray pants and white shoes.

Personality Edit

He grew up on the island after Jey saved him. He seems to be a friendly and sociable guy, a bit loud but also very considerate. He loves Jey as his savior but feel sad that he's only one of the fortunate ones, one of the very, very, very few people who were saved in the world.

He came to the island when he was nine. He also known about Dance Roid as well as Jey El's real condition and as much as he feel anguish about this, there's nothing he can do.

Appearance in the anime Edit

In episode 46, he stood up to Gallagher saying that he is the very result of Jey El's good work on the world, he came to the island after Jey saved him and that if Jey hadn't extended a helping hand to him he wouldn't be there then.

He was also one of the Dance Road audience of round 5 in all episode from 46 to 50, he was really worried to see Crowd High took over Dance Road as well as Gallagher's real scheme.

In episode 48, he stood up and called out to the dancers that he was once lost. When he was a child, his mind were full of dreams; but after he was prphaned and grew into an adult, there were times when he thought the word "dream" to be a deceptive spell. But even so, he continued to invoke that spell because their dancing showed him the power of spirit.

Trivia Edit

He seems to be a dancer since he greeted the teams with one of his dance moves but haven't yet performed.

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