First Appearence
Anime episode 16
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
Mabel 2

Mabel is one of Jey El's assistant. She's responsible for Jey's security and is the one in charge of the Jey El project

Appearance Edit

She has short light blue hair with the left side longer than the other, her bang is a little darker than the other part of her hair. She has red eyes and dark skin.

She wears a navy short tube dress, slpited and slightly shorter on the left side, cover with a long white blouse and a pair of glasses in her left pocket.

She usually wears make up like pink lipstick and purple eyeshadow. She has one earing on her right and a chain necklace.

She appeared in Dance Road round 5 without the white blouse, only the navy tube dress, revealed a gold arm bracelet on her left.

Personality Edit

Since she's responsible for Jey's security, she is very strict and independent. She almost always has a stoic impression on her face although care greatly for Jey's sake along with other audience or even how Crowd High is affecting Jey's image around the world as shown in episode 16 and 41. She's often seems like she doesn't care much about the situation but Hugh Witt said she must have her own thoughts on how to deal with it, as she's the one who put on the project of protecting Jey on his world tour in the first place and is very fast on the information about the assasination too.

Relationship Edit

Gallagher Edit

Gallagher is her assistant. She usually let him look into the information on missions.

Master T Edit

She works with Master T to protect Jey El as well as the audience attend the concert.

MC Butz Edit

She works with MC Butz to protect Jey El as well as the audience attend the concert.

Hugh Witt Edit

She works with Hugh Witt to protect Jey El as well as the audience attend the concert.

History Edit

In episode 48, she was shown to be one of the childrens Jey saved from wars, and that although she studied a lot, she belived that since she was born in the worst possible place she will live the worst possible life until she die. Jey told her that it is not true, someday the moves of sirit will change the world amd that he belived in that with all his heart, he kept dancing

She wanted to protect Jey, his honor and everthing about him, that's why she ever built the Jey El project but in the end, she realized that what she should be protecting is what Jey belived in- dance itself. In all her honer of protecting Jey's honor, she'd forgotten what his undying love, dance was really like.

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