Mc Butz
Mc butz
First Appearence
Anime episode 11
Kanji MCバッツ
Rōmaji MC Butz
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style Unknown
Active yes
Japanese Yutaka Furukawa
English Unknown
Mc butz3
Butz and Master T dance episode 48

Butz and Master T dance episode 48

MC Butz and Master T dance episode 48

MC Butz (MCバッツ Emushī Battsu?)

The MC of the Dance Road tournament.

Appearance Edit

Mc Butz has blond short hair. He usually wears a blue headphone over his head and has three pointy orange antena, round at each ends on both sides and the front of his head. He has chin beard and very small moustache. He usually wears red trimmed purple sun glasses.

He wears a pink jacket with alot of blue buttons near the end over a black shirt, yellowish pants with one white let-down strap on his right and red sneakers. He has one silver ring on his right hand and twon on his left.

He's also seen on Bright Island in a red chemise shirt with pink heart pattern over a thite t-shirt with orange pattern and. He wears a gold necklace then.

Personality Edit

He's a laid-back and sociable kind of guy. He has high respect for Jey El and is also very loyal towards him.

Relationships Edit

Master T Edit

His colleague. Them seems to be friends. He once called Master T "Tan-chan"

Jey El Edit

He works as an assistant for Jey El and is very loyal towards him.

Hugh Witt Edit

They are colleagues, as the both works for Jey El.

Mabel Edit

Miss Mabel is resonsible to work with him, Master T and Hugh Witt to protect Jey El from any danger possible. However, he didn't seems to like Ms. Mabel much.

Gallagher Edit

Gallagher is Ms. Mabel's assistant. He, Master T and Gallagher are judges for Dance Road round 3

Trivia Edit

He used to dance along with Jey El on stage before he became a MC

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