Isolation is a basic dance move that's very necessary and a must-known to all dancers. It's moving one part of your body isolatedly from the rest. It include moving your neck, your shoulders, chest and hips.

First introduced in the anime episode 5, by Mizuki and Yuzuru

The neck Edit


moving your neck

Put your arm up like a Maharaja and try to tough them with your ears, move backwards, forward, left and right.

The shoulder Edit

Imagine having kittens on both your shoulders and try not to drop them.


moving your shoulder

The chest Edit

With the kittens still on your shoulder, you will now fire a laser beam from your chest. Then you let the enemy's beam hit you in the chest.


moving your chest

The hips Edit

Imagine your butt is like a pendulum clock and move left to right. Imagine your butt is like that of a duck, move backwards and then make the duck's bil, move forward.


moving your hips left and right


moving your hips back and forward

天宝院ユヅルのトラクルダンス基礎講座 ~アイソレーション~

天宝院ユヅルのトラクルダンス基礎講座 ~アイソレーション~

Yuzuru explaining isolation

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