Hugh Witt
Hugh witt
First Appearence
Anime episode 11
Kanji ヒュー・ウィット
Rōmaji Hugh Witt
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team Unknown
Style Unknown
Active yes
Japanese Katsuki Donoshita
English Unknown

Hugh Witt (ヒュー・ウィット Hyū Witto)

Jey El's butler.

Appearance Edit

Hugh Witt has short gray hair with the bangs slightly longer and swiped to his right. He usually close his eyes but in fact he has blue eyes.

He is always seen in a very formal siut with black bow and black pants, white gloves.

Personality Edit

He's Jey El's butler so he is very calm, loyal and trust-worthy. He is the one who receive Jey' message directly and carry it out as were told.

Relationship Edit

Master T Edit

He works with Master T to protect Jey El

MC Butz Edit

His colleague, as they're all Jey El's assistant

Mabel Edit

He works his best with Ms. Mabel to protect Jey El in anyway possible.

Gallagher Edit

Gallagher is Mabel's assistant. He's also in charge of Jey's safety.

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