First Appearence
Anime episode 46
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team Gold and Silver
Style Crowd High
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
Gold is one of the strongest Crowd High trendsetter duo in the world. His and Silver's dancing is even more violent than the original Crowd High.

Appearance Edit

Gold's hair is upwardly spikey and red ombre to yellow at the end. He has tan skin with three blue piercings on his right ear, two small silver piercing on his left ear, and three blue piercing on each of his eyes instead of eyebrowns. Gold has yellow eyes and pink make-up on the underline of his eyes. He also has small chin beard and goldish sharp teeth.

Gold wears a goldish jacket over a black and gold shirt inside with yellow goldish pants and gold with blue buttons belt. He has three layered white boots with a bit of gold at the tip and the bottom, gold fingerless gloves and some brownish red straps all over his arms.

Personality Edit

He is a loud person, not only that he talks loud, he also seems to be very bold, agressive and narcassist. Yet he is humorous and really knows the way to capture the audience's heart through this.