"Bewitching Steps! Kanon's School Festival" (魅せてステップ!カノンの学園祭 "Misete Suteppu! Kanon no Gakuen-sai" ) 

After Kanon invites Haneru and the others to her school's culture festival, she becomes anxious when her friend enters her into a dance contest taking place at the festival. Kanon tries to withdraw from the contest, but becomes afraid when her teacher learns about her street dancing and runs away. Luckily, the teacher is more understanding than Kanon feared and asks only that she report her activities from now on. Despite her fears over the contest, Kanon still desires to dance, telling Haneru about how she became interested in hip-hop. On the day of the festival, Kanon takes Haneru's advice and gives a confident performance, impressing the crowd and earning respect from her classmates. 

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