"Tribe Cool Crew Moves Out! Haneru vs. Kumo!?" (トラクル始動!ハネルVSクモ!? "ToraKuru Shidō! Haneru bāsasu Kumo!?" ) 

As Tribe Cool Crew begin joint practise, Haneru decides he wants to learn breakdancing like Kumo, though Kumo makes sure to emphasise the importance of warming up first. After Kumo is visited by some of his underlings, Haneru takes an interest in a rumored Dance Road festival that only chosen dancers are invited to. Haneru's free spirit soon comes at odds with Kumo's concerns for his safety and he threatens to quit. After Kanon manages to calm Haneru down and convince him to return, the group receive an invitation to Dance Road, revealed by Master T to be a series of auditions leading to an opportunity to dance with Jey on his stage.  

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