"Counterattack! Dance Battle!!" (逆修! ダンスバトル!!"Gyakushu! Dansu Batoru!!" ) 

On the day of the Dance Battle, Kanon is nervous that she won't be able to perform well in front of others, but Haneru assures her that even Jey gets nervous before a performance. The first round immediately pits Cool Crew against Tribal Soul, with Tribal Soul dancing first. Invigorated by Haneru's words, Kanon brings out a confidence performance alongside Haneru. Despite still losing against Tribal Soul, who go on to win the tournament, Kanon feels happy that all of her worries disappeared and she could just have fun while performing. Afterwards, Tribal Soul, having seen their growth, proposes to Haneru and Kanon that they join together to form a new team, Tribe Cool Crew.  

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