"Maximum Moves! The Two's Appeal!?" (ムーブMAX!二人の魅力!? "Mūbu Makkusu! Futari no Miryoku!?" ) 

With work being done in their usual practise spot, Mizuki invites Haneru and Kanon to practise in their spot, but Haneru refuses to practise alongside Kumo, who feels his jumps alone won't grip the audience. Whilst stopping at Haneru's diner, Mizuki suggests that Haneru and Kanon take advantage of their unique appeal, namely their height, to improve their dance. Kanon, who has a complex about her height, receives encouragement from Mizuki, who learned to overcome her complex through dance. Meanwhile, Haneru, who previously had a falling out with his classmate Hiroto after pursuing Jey over basketball, learns from the mysterious Master T that the key to keeping the audience interested is to combine his moves with Kanon's. With both these in mind, the pair practise a new routine, which they then show off to Mizuki, albeit not completely successfully. As the pair psyche themselves up for the upcoming dance tournament, diner owner Yuki shows Kanon an old photo of Mizuki.  

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