"Jey vs. Tribe Cool Crew"

"Jei tai Toraibu KuruKuru" (ジェイ対トライブクルクル) 

Undettered by Gold & Silver's defeat, Gallagher unleashes his final trump card, a Jey Dance Roid under his control, to challenge Tribe Cool Crew. Meanwhile, Momiji and Master T reveal Crowd High was something created by Jey's sponsor, Rocket Cider, to manipulate people into buyinng their product. Undeterred by Gallagher's ideals, Tribe Cool Crew face off against the Dance Roid in an all-or-nothing dance battle. Having felt the power of everyone's dancing spirit, the real Jey is able to wake from his slumber.  

S Dance Roid - Tribe Cool Crew

S Dance Roid - Tribe Cool Crew

Tribe Cool Crew vs Dance Roid episode 49

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