"A Drastic Transformation! Yuzuru's True Form?" "Kururi to Henshin! Yuzuru Shin no Sugata?" (くるりと変身!ユヅル真の姿?) 

Kanon and her sister Kimika come across Yuzuru at a tea house, where a special "Miracle Diamond" blend is served only once a year. Just then, a pair of robbers named Billy and Johnny take over the tea house, demanding the Miracle Diamond tea so they can sell it. When the cops arrive, the robbers hold Kanon and the other customers hostage, alerting Haneru and the gang to the situation. Just as the robbers obtain the tea and prepare to use Kimika to make their escape, Yuzuru, who had been spending the past hour meditating, uses a mix of his dancing and tengu powers to briefly transform into a slimmer form, allowing him to rescue Kimika, recover the tea, and subdue the robbers. The tea house's master gives Yuzuru the Miracle Diamond tea as thanks and the case is resolved, with Kimika taking a shine to Yuzuru