"Fight, Tri-Cool! The Impactful Dance Road!!" (戦えトラクル!衝撃のダンスロード!! "Tatakae Torakuru! Shōgeki no Dansu Rōdo!!")

Haneru tells his teammates about the failed assassination attempt, sharing his thoughts on what 'fighting' means and using that to form their new routine. The next day, the team arrive at the next round of Dance Road, which Hinata and Manabi are participating in, where all the participants will be competing against robots programmed with Jey's dance moves. Tribe Cool Crew give their performance, ending it by shaking hands with the robots, showing both how to fight and how to end it peacefully. Hinata and Manabi's Team Sakura, on the other hand, go for a more gimmicky routine that brings a lot of laughs to the crowd. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Team Sakura qualify for the third round, which will be based on the theme of "precision" and take place in Nagano.