Daidoji Kakunoshin
First Appearence
Anime episode 20
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Daidoji Kakunoshin
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Daidoji Kakunoshin is the president of Daidoji Pro Talent Agency

Appearance Edit

Daidoji has long blue hair tied in a low pony tail with really curvy bangs in light blue and pointy side bangs also in light blue. He usually wears round dark blue sunglasses covering his goldish brown eyes.

He wears a blue tuxedo jacket with red buttons on both sleeves over a really dark red shirt inside. He also wears blue tie, pink wrist watch on his left hand and white knee-lenghth pants.

Appearance in the anime Edit

He appeared in the early of episode 20 to look for Kanon as a talent scout. He said he has been looking for Rhythm but didn't have any leads so it was really difficult, it took him a whole month. Then, he heard the rumors about a tall girl who lits up the stage at a certain girl academy's cultural festival. He investigate some more and found out that she also taken part in dance events at Green Square who was the sptting image of Rhythm. He promise to make her the most popular idol of the next generation and asked her to talk it out with her parents as he waits for a favorable respond.

Trivia Edit

Daidoji Production Talent Agency is a really famous agency. They have many popularities on their roster.